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ULM partnership takes olive oil extract from research to market

Srdjan Marjanovic

The University of Louisiana at Monroe (ULM) has entered into a licensing agreement with Oleolive Inc, a Shreveport biotechnology company, to market and commercialize ULM's research on the health benefits of olive oil.

The process was discovered by Dr. Khalid El Sayed of the ULM School of Pharmacy and his former research partner Dr. Amal Kaddoumi.
Their research has led to the isolation of oleocanthal, a phenolic compound found in trace amounts in olive oil. Olive oil has been shown to be good for cardiac health and may reduce the risk of certain cancers. Research suggest that olive oil may help balance blood sugar and could help in weight loss and aging.

The result of this teamwork is the creation of Oligen, a product that has been in development for over five years. The partnership between ULM and Oleolive has resulted in over $5 million in grants and millions more in private equity investment. ULM's Office of Innovation and Research has played a crucial role in protecting the intellectual property and working on bringing the compound to a commercial state.

Oleolive has conducted extensive testing and research, working closely with ULM researchers, to ensure that their product meets the scientific claims and benefits. More info on the new product can be found at

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