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HD Radio


KEDM is now broadcasting in digital HD Radio™. We’re also multicasting, so listeners with HD Radio receivers can now listen to KEDM Ideas in addition to our traditional programming on KEDM's main channel.

What is HD Radio?
HD Radio is the new digital broadcast format. Approved by the FCC as the digital broadcast system for the U.S. radio industry, the noise and interference that cause the static, hiss, pops, and fades heard on today’s analog radios is virtually eliminated where an HD Radio signal can be received. HD Radio also enables stations to "multicast" up to three channels per analog frequency. To provide HD Radio programming, KEDM sends out a digital signal along with our analog signal.

Do I need a new radio to receive HD Radio channels?
Yes. Electronics retailers have a variety of HD Radios for sale, including tabletop and car stereos. Many new cars also come with HD Radios. Manufacturers have HD Radio tabletop models that receive multiple digital channels alongside analog signals. Prices range from under $100 to $500, depending on features. The same programming from our analog signal can be heard in higher fidelity on the HD Radio primary channel.

You can also listen to the great information programming of KEDM Ideas streaming online at

Do I have to switch to HD Radio, like I have to switch to HD TV (or get a converter box)?
No, there is no federal mandate to switch to HD Radio. However, HD Radio allows more programming options on frequencies, so a HD Radio provides more listening options.

How do I get an HD Radio?
Portable receivers and models for home and car have arrived on the electronics market. KEDM recommends a multicast-compliant digital receiver, which will let you to hear our multiple audio streams. You can learn about the receivers now in the market or get an HD Radio here.

What is multicasting?
Multicasting means more FM channels and new programming available from KEDM, which you can only hear on a new HD Radio receiver. KEDM is broadcasting one multicast channel featuring news and information programming in addition to our traditional programming.

Will I have to pay a monthly subscription fee for HD Radio?
Unlike other providers of "digital radio," HD Radio, including the multicast channel, is available without paying a subscription fee. KEDM will continue to rely on membership contributions in order to keep bringing listeners the programming you enjoy.

How does HD Radio fit into KEDM's overall mission?
HD Radio allows KEDM to provide better quality for listeners of our traditional programming, while also providing another vehicle for delivering new quality programming.

How do I find KEDM’s HD channels on the radio dial?
KEDM's broadcasts continue to be found at 90.3 FM. You do not need to learn a new station number or position on the radio dial. To receive KEDM's HD signal you must have an HD Radio receiver. Tune up the dial from channel to channel in the same way you have always tuned in your favorite radio stations. HD Radio receivers detect digital and multicast station availability and tune to these automatically. Tuning techniques vary by manufacturer. Check your owner's manual.

How far-reaching will the HD Radio signal be?
KEDM's HD Radio signal should have the same general listening area as the analog urban grade coverage.

What does the "HD" in "HD Radio" mean?
The "HD" in "HD Radio" is part of iBiquity Digital's brand name for its digital AM and FM radio technology. It does not mean high definition; it is simply the branding language for this new technology.

Who developed HD Radio technology?
iBiquity Digital Corporation is the sole developer of HD Radio technology. With input from radio broadcasters, consumer electronics and broadcast equipment manufacturers, automakers, retailers, and consumers, the company has brought to market an idea that was conceived over a decade ago by scientists and engineers at Westinghouse, CBS, Gannet and Lucent/Bell Labs. The Federal Communications Commission approved HD Radio technology in 2002, and the commercial rollout of the technology began in 2003 when AM and FM stations around the country began digital broadcasts and continued with the launch of HD Radio receivers at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2004.

Where can I get more information about HD Radio?
Up-to-the-minute information on advances in HD Radio technology and equipment is available online at