Monroe Police Department

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KEDM held an open community forum on Crime Prevention on Monday, Feburary 25.

The discussion was held at 2Dudes Brew & Que, 436 DeSiard Street in Monroe. The expert panel of police and community members answered questions and talked about  problems and solutions with those attending. Topics ranged from the goals of community policing, to social media, to practical steps citizens can take to prevent crime.

The conversation aired on 90.3 KEDM on Tuesday, March 5 at 6 p.m. 

An Atlanta-based global nonprofit, Point 27, sent Thin Blue Line scripture-inscribed dog tags called “Shields of Strength” to the Monroe Police Department to honor fallen officer Chris Beaudion who in early January.

Monroe Police Department

Monroe mayor Jamie Mayo has announced that Eugene Ellis has been selected as the new chief of police. 

Chief Ellis has been working as the interim chief since Quentin Holmes left the position in August. 

Ellis has a 31 year history  at the Monroe Police Department  work working in the patrol division, internal affairs, and narcotics.

It's OK to Be a Mentor

Jan 10, 2018

January is National Mentoring Month. Corporal Larry Wilson of the Monroe Police Department shares information about the OK Program in the Monroe, Louisiana area.

Woman Allegedly Stabbed Boyfriend Three times

Oct 2, 2017
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An argument turned violent allegedly ended with a stabbing. The Monroe Police department say Paula Smith and her boyfriend were quarreling when Smith got a steak knife for protection.

The arrest report says the boyfriend allegedly grabbed a hammer and threw a beer. Smith then supposedly stabbed the boyfriend three times. He was wounded in the chest, back and arm.

Another woman intervened and took the knife from Smith. Smith is now charged with aggravated battery. 

The Monroe Police Department Reorient how they Fight Crime

Sep 22, 2017
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The interim chief Eugene Ellis from the Monroe Police Department soothed a worried crowd on Thursday night.

He said the MPD is very much capable at handling crime.



Ellis says the new system seems to be working as crime rates have gone down somewhat. He also adds that he too would like to see the current rates drop more.


Former Mayoral Candidate Tazed at Walmart

Sep 18, 2017

After climbing a display case at Walmart, on Lamy Lane in Monroe, Tremane Gordon, Former Monroe Mayoral candidate, began rapping and dancing. On lookers were disturbed and called the police.


Officers tried to verbally subdue Gordon by asking him to get on the ground and surrender several times. Gordon Responded to this by pouring a beer he was drinking on the ground.

Police deployed a tazer at him then arrested him.


Monroe Police Department

Edzavion Miller, 25, has been identified as a suspect in an ongoing case for a shooting which took place on Tuesday night in a Monroe night club. The shooting happened at about 11 pm at The Carter 2 Lounge on 2300 block of Desiard Street.

Nearby residents said they heard about 10-13 gun shots. The identity of the victim has not been released.

Detective Chris Bates, of the Monroe Police department, says the victim was taken to a local hospital and treated after being found with several gunshot wounds.

Bates also added: