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ULM's Ruiz: Gerontology Program a Regional Asset

University of Louisiana-Monroe
ULM Gerontology Program Provides Community Outreach Services

The Gerontology Program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe plays a critical role in providing education and community outreach services to North Louisiana, according to ULM Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Alberto Ruiz.  With the rapid aging of the American population, higher education programs in Gerontology become crucial to address the needs of a changing society.

Ruiz discussed the impact of the ULM Gerontology Program in the region."As a society, we need to be understanding of the aging population.  It is growing and it is growing at a faster pace than we can keep up with.  We at ULM have to be proactive instead of being reactive."

Ruiz pointed out that aging is a life cycle process.  "When we are born, we are dependent on our mom and dad.  When you get into your forties, you become very independent.  When you get to be in your seventies and eighties, part of the cycle of life says, you are going to be back to where you started." 

Ruiz noted that as more people get older, "it is going to be critical for us [ULM] to be at the forefront."

For more information about the ULM Gerontology program, contact

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