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A sentencing hearing has been postponed for a former Louisiana State University student convicted in the hazing death a Phi Delta Theta fraternity pledge.

The Advocate reports 21-year-old Matthew Naquin was scheduled to be sentenced Wednesday for negligent homicide in the 2017 death of 18-year-old Max Gruver of Roswell, Georgia. A continuance was granted because one of Naquin's relatives was hospitalized with a serious illness.

Louisiana State University engineering students have designed and made a motorized wheelchair with three fat wheels so a 23-year-old woman can go to the beach with her family.

Last year's seniors were unable to provide a beach wheelchair for Cheslyn Simpson of Plaquemine, but left their plans. This year's first change was much fatter wheels.

Some of their additions were just for fun, including a cup holder, cooler and Bluetooth music player. Daniel Lucas, a mechanical engineering major and the team's project leader, said it did more than make Simpson happy.

The Louisiana State University agricultural extension service has named an assistant professor a statewide entomologist for research about insect pests of four crops — cotton, corn, soybeans and grain sorghum. An LSU AgCenter news release Wednesday said Sebe Brown has both a master's and a doctorate in entomology from LSU.

Delta Kappa Epsilon says it has closed its nearly century-old chapter at Louisiana State University over violations of the fraternal organization's alcohol and hazing policies.

DKE's executive director, Doug Lanpher, declined to say what allegations prompted the organization to investigate its chapter at LSU. The university is conducting its own investigation as well.

A former Louisiana State University student charged with negligent homicide in the hazing death of a fraternity pledge is refusing to provide prosecutors with his cellphone password.

The Advocate reports prosecutors have filed a motion asking a judge to order 20-year-old Matthew Alexander Naquin to provide the password. But Naquin's lawyers say such an order would violate Naquin's constitutional right against self-incrimination. 

Pennsylvania-based Ilera Holistic Healthcare is the new operator of Southern University's medical marijuana program, news outlets reported.

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — Louisiana State University's president said Monday he doesn't believe the state's top higher education board can penalize his school for violating Louisiana's college admissions policy in its enrollment of students who didn't meet minimum criteria.

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) — An arrest has been made in the shooting death of LSU basketball player Wayde Sims.

Baton Rouge police said Saturday that 20-year-old Dyteon Simpson has been charged with second-degree murder and is at East Baton Rouge Parish Prison.

Sims was shot early Friday during a street fight caught on video near the Southern University campus.

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Cooler weather this year has extended the usually brief gnat season, making trips out to the river a bit unpleasant for some. If you’re looking to make an outdoors trip, LSU Ag Center entomologist Sebe Brown says understand these pests don’t work like mosquitos.


Brown says that gnats will be abundant near "flowing water."


For those looking to brave gnat infested rivers, Brown has a non-scientific, but country tested protection plan.


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A new supplement wrapped up testing at the Pennington Biomedical Research Center and claims it can help improve gut health that is lacking in most modern diets. “Biomebliss”, from LSU Medical School graduate and New Orleans Native Dr. Mark Heiman says there’s a lot of research showing Americans are lacking the proper bacteria in their stomachs.


Heiman says, "We were after pre-diabetics because most of us in this country are pre-diabetics, so this is for people who are healthy but probably don't get enough of these micronutrients."