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Cooler Weather Leads To Extended Gnat Season

Robert Payne /

Cooler weather this year has extended the usually brief gnat season, making trips out to the river a bit unpleasant for some. If you’re looking to make an outdoors trip, LSU Ag Center entomologist Sebe Brown says understand these pests don’t work like mosquitos.


Brown says that gnats will be abundant near "flowing water."


For those looking to brave gnat infested rivers, Brown has a non-scientific, but country tested protection plan.


Brown says that products like Amber Romance from Victoria 's Secret as well as Avon skin soap have been proven effective in decreasing gnat populations. 


Brown says some folks might even find gnat bites are more of a problem than being swarmed by mosquitos.


Brown expresses, "People that are sensitive or may have allergic reactions typically can have a whelp that can last for days or much longer than mosquitos because they form an anticoagulant."


Brown says as the temperature starts averaging 80 degrees, the gnats will go away, only to be replaced by mosquitos.