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The faculty of the Political Science program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe are presenting a panel discussion on the United States impeachment process. 

"Impeachment 1001: The Process, Ethics and Political Lessons from Impeachment Proceedings" will be held on Wednesday, November 20, 2019, at 6 p.m. in the ULM Student Union Building Ballroom, "The Hangar." 

The process for impeachment, ethical issues, whistleblower laws and past impeachments will all be discussed with the public to examine what issues are faced with coming proceedings.

What Your Vote Means for Louisiana Amendments

Nov 1, 2018
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Louisiana residents vote on six amendments and the Louisiana Fantasy Sports Contests Act November 6.

The amendments tackle the following issues:

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The University of Louisiana Monroe is hosting its annual program for academically advanced students. The President's Academy is a job training program where students select an academic track and spend a week shadowing professionals and working in groups to solve hypothetical problems.

Dr. Nick Bruno founded the President's Academy in 2012 to help give students an idea of what jobs their major encompasses and what it is actually like to work in those jobs. Dr. Joshua Stockley is an assistant professor of Political Science at ULM and organizes the President's Academy every year.

The four main gubernatorial candidates have similar ideas on a number of issues.  The one thing that is likely to divide their appeal to voters is the state's budget.

Legislators, operating under guidelines set forth by Governor Bobby Jindal, floated the item in the last legislative session.  Revenue forecasts lead many political observers to believe the budget is again top priority for the state's next leader.


Governor Bobby Jindal has missed the cut, as he will not participate in the first first formal Republican Presidential debate. 


Jindal did not poll well enough in recent national surveys to be among the ten candidates who will square off Thursday night on Fox News. University of Louisiana at Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley says missing this debate is a blow to the Jindal presidential campaign.


Legislature Makes Controversial "SAVE"

Jun 12, 2015

Lawmakers pushed and passed the SAVE tax credit.  The measure was needed to prevent Governor Bobby Jindal from a veto of the proposed revenue generating bills.

Some supporters of the measure deemed it to not be good policy, but necessary, to achieve a balanced budget.  Critics blasted the credit, saying it is not a credit at all and question its validity.

University of Louisiana at Monroe Political Science Professor Joshua Stockley shares on what the credit represents and what passage could mean for future budget complications. 

Rebalancing The Tax Code

Jan 21, 2015

President Obama targeted tax loopholes and creating credits to aid America's middle class in the State of The Union address last night.  "He's looking to rebalance the tax code," said University of Louisiana at Monroe Political Science Professor Dr. Joshua Stockley.