Now is the Time to Talk About Bullying

Oct 30, 2019
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October is national bullying prevention month, which means it is time to address the issuse of bullying because of the negative impact it can have on a child.

KEDM’s Taylor Costa spoke with Tammy Washington, early childhood life skills coordinator at the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, about the issue and why it is crucial to have the talk about bullying with your children.


On what to tell children about bullying

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Mental health is an important aspect of an adult’s overall well-being, but what about with children? Tammy Washington, healthy living coordinator at The Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, says that mindfulness helps children learn to self-regulate better. 

On what mindfulness is

Mindfulness is a tool that assists children with self-regulation. Mindfulness will provide strategies for training their attention and helping them to focus on the present moment purposefully.

Monitoring Child Safety Online To Prevent Bullying

Oct 18, 2018
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It's hard to pinpoint exactly who your child may or may not be communicating with on the internet. Online harassment is becoming one of leading causes of self-harm and suicide in teens. Rhonda Winbush, community outreach specialist at United HealthCare, says parents need to monitor what their children are doing online.

On the most common misconceptions about cyber bullying

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Shreveport Senator John Milkovich’s legislation that would give teachers more freedom to decide how to handle bullies in public schools passed through the Senate Education Committee. The bill gives teachers a wide leniency to “take all steps deemed necessary” to stop bullying, including involving the police, and personally restraining offending students. Milkovich says it would cut down on the red tape involved in stopping bullies.


Bullying is a Teachable Moment for Kids

Jan 19, 2018
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January 15-19 is No Name-Calling Week. Jason Stewart, the founder and executive director of Straightway Youth gives his thoughts on the causes and effects of bullying.

Wear Orange, Stand up to Bullies

Oct 18, 2016

One in four teens have experiences bullying in middle or high school, and over 160,000 students do not want to go to school because of their fear of bullies.

October is bullying awareness month, and the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana is raising awareness throughout the community by proclaiming "Bully Proof Day" on October 19. 

The Children's Coalition charges the community to wear orange to show support for victims of bullying. Local schools are showing their support by hosting a balloon release with encouraging messages tied to them.