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Update: Cedar Creek School Suit Alleges Bullying & Assault

A Cedar Creek social media account posted this photo of an object that may have been used in the alleged incident.

Update: On Wednesday Cedar Creek School deleted or made private social media accounts on numerous sites. A response to the lawsuit posted on Facebook and a video showing the alleged object in the alleged assaults can no longer be found at their previous locations. 


Original Story from LRN:

Ruston, Louisiana private school is being sued by the parents of a student who alleges being victimized by bullies for months. Allegations the school denies. Wes Bearden is the attorney for the couple. He says the abuse his clients’ son sustained while attending Cedar Creek School in Ruston went on for more than eight months, and was both physical and psychological.

Bearden says, "It's everything from telling the kid on an almost daily basis to kill himself, to routinely hitting the kid, throwing things at him, attempting to shove a water bottle and a statue up his rear end."

Cedar Creek School says they conducted their investigation of the allegations and, as a result, five students were expelled. However, they say there is no evidence of some of the more heinous acts the plaintiff says were committed against him.

Attorney Bearden says the private school took tuition money from the family and neglected to provide protection from the abuse. "Several of the teachers and employees admitted that they had known that this bullying and harassment had been going on against this kiddo."

The lawsuit alleges the boy was frequently beaten, urged to commit suicide, and even sexually assaulted with foreign objects. Bearden says the Cedar Creek School, the alleged bullies, and their parents are named as defendants in the suit.
Bearden says his clients seek unspecified damages and want an eventual jury trial."Cedar Creek has done all they can to disparage this kid upon the filing of the lawsuit but we will talk about that in front of the jury."

Cedar Creek School responded to the lawsuit in a Facebook post refuting many of the allegations and included pictures and video of the alleged object used in the alleged assault. You can read the response statement here: