Aubri Juhasz

The Orleans Parish School Board is currently examining its policy prohibiting the renaming of schools, according to a statement released Monday by School Board President Ethan Ashley.

A bill meant to shield schools from civil lawsuits related to COVID-19 is now on its way to Gov. John Bel Edwards for final approval, but late changes made by a conference committee raised concerns on the House floor and almost killed the legislation.

Schools should expect some students and staff to become infected with COVID-19 this coming school year. That’s according to joint guidance released Thursday by state health and education agencies.

Most colleges and universities have released tentative plans for in-person learning this fall. But there’s a catch: Many require Louisiana to be in Phase 3 and Gov. John Bel Edwards just extended Phase 2 for an additional 28 days.

As school systems continue to weigh their options for the fall, a new bill may help provide schools with increased legal protection and encourage some to resume in-person learning despite the associated risks.

Louisiana State University will rename Middleton Library pending board approval.

The Orleans Parish School Board selected Grisela Jaskon as an interim member following a vote at Thursday’s meeting. It also approved a proposal to evaluate racial equity across NOLA Public Schools and a measure that will help cushion schools against the projected drop in sales tax.

*Updated 2:00 p.m. Friday June 12, 2020

Congress gave Louisiana more than $170 million last month through an emergency program meant to feed kids who usually receive free meals at school. But with the deadline for enrollment less than a week away, only about 60 percent of eligible children were enrolled.

Hammond Square Mall is closed after police say a man drove his vehicle through the front doors of Target and dropped a suspicious device inside the store.

The man, 41-year-old Walter Allbritton III, is currently in police custody. Police say they have not yet determined whether the device is an explosive.

Initial reports described the situation as an “active shooter,” but, at a press conference this afternoon, Hammond Police Chief Edwin Bergeron said the individual was unarmed.

Tropical Storm Cristobal made landfall in southeast Louisiana late Sunday afternoon, before weakening to a tropical depression. The effects of the storm were fairly routine and the threat of storm surge along the Gulf coast has been discontinued according to the National Hurricane Center.