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Older Adults Offer Skills Desired by Businesses

Indiana Public Media

Adults over the age of 60 possess skills that are consdered valuable to businesses, according to a retired director of a work program for older adults.  

“They have a lot of skills that it’s ashamed to just waste,” said Elizabeth Yielding, former director of The Older Worker Program.

Yielding explained that she saw older adults strive as loyal workers as her time as director.

“They are very loyal. They are very willing to try to accommodate for the people whom they are working for,” Yielding said.

Older adults prefer to work part-time jobs while they are in the workforce, according to Yielding.

“People who are over the age of 60, when they work, usually prefer part-time work because they have other things to do later and perhaps it’s too difficult for them to work full-time,” said Yielding.

Yielding explained workers in the program need to be properly matched with jobs that match their skills or skills businesses want them to develop.  

Anita Sharma, director of the University of Louisiana Gerontology Program, explained the population of older adults will rise in the next decade.

“Looking at the current statistics where in the next 10 years, we will have twice the number of older adults as now,” Sharma said.

Yielding believes the need for older adults in the workforce will increase as the population grows.

Yielding highlighted positions such as a receptionist in an office as a position older adults succeed in. She said older adults possess the skills needed such as customer service.    

“Older people are wonderful as a receptionist,” Yielding said. “So, they’re really very excellent to have as workers in the office.” 

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