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Be Aware of Post Retirement Diet Woes

Neil Moralee

Seniors who eat with groups of people tend to eat healthier and more nutritious foods than seniors who eat alone, according to a diet specialist. 

Rita Walker, a registered dietician, explained that an older adult's eating habits change in retirement. 

According to Walker, living alone and retired causes seniors to be less active, which leads them to have a lack of motivation to cook three meals a day.

“So therefore we change our eating habits to go along with those (changes),” said Walker.

Walker added that the idea of cooking for one person discourages seniors from cooking the healthy meals they need.

Nutrient dense foods such as vegetables and fruits are vital for a senior’s diet because they include more vitamins and minerals, according to Walker. Vegetables and fruits include Calcium B-12 and Vitamin D-3, which are substances in the body that decreases as a person ages

Walker reminds seniors to be aware of the impact portion sizes have.

“No matter what we do, portions are what determines the amount of food celeries we take in,” said Walker.

Walker explained that older adults need fewer calories per day than a young person who is more active.

“Most research does show that if we eat in a group or try to participate in other areas, we tend to eat better and consume more nutritious foods," said Walker.

Walker suggested seniors to start a routine supper club or meet during meal times.

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