St. Joseph

Catholic Diocese of Shreveport

Pope Frances has appointed a new Bishop to preside over the Diocese of Baton Rouge. Bishop Michael Duca will be transferred from Shreveport, where he’s been for the last ten years. He’s replacing Bishop Robert Muench, who’s held the position since 2002. Duca says he didn’t see it coming, but he’s looking forward to serving the people of Baton Rouge.

"I was completely suprised by this appointment and while I am sad to leave the good people of the Diocese of Shreveport, I immediatley accepted the appointment without reservation", said Duca.

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Residents of the small town of St. Joseph in Tensas parish are soaked with joy over a new water system that goes on-line today. Governor John Bel Edwards is in St. Joseph to cut the ribbon on the new facility that has been in need for decades. Shauna Sanford is the Governor’s communications director.


Sanford says the new plant is welcomed by residents who have been dealing with dis-colored water for years.


The town had been under a perpetual public health emergency declaration because of their old system. Those days are now gone says Sanford.


Two Tensas Parish residents dead after the vehicle they were in traveled off the road and struck a ditch embankment.


Town's Water May Be Safe To Drink By Mardi Gras

Nov 27, 2017
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By Mardi Gras, residents of a Louisiana town may have a huge reason to celebrate: drinkable tapwater, for the first time in more than a year.

The Advocate reports that the new wells, pipes and other equipment have been installed in St. Joseph, and should be hooked up by Christmas.

But testing to ensure that the water is lead-free could take another six or seven weeks. If tests find lead from a building's own pipes, the owner must replace them.

And water rates will go up, in a town where nearly 40 percent of households are under the poverty line.

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Governor John Bel Edwards has issued a Public Health Emergency for the Town of St. Joseph in north Louisiana. Residents are advised to use an alternative source for drinking water.

On December 15, test results conducted by the Office of Public Health showed elevated levels of lead in two samples – a private residence and the Town Hall. Results also showed two other sites with elevated levels of copper – both were private residences.