Got Credit/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/gotcredit/32913612394/in/photolist-S9sSgL-apmPxM-atWLkt-6756dx-6FXrUE-PyKVx-ss9Nvg-gv4Lnc-pRHDDF-auQ1jJ-VUsCBa-9LzqcJ-qmZ7hw-RsFp-appzcb-kH7dvA-aCJZsx-4J7eUX-pwBVdk-apmPgT-dvUy3y-B9WeR-aacgen-8vD43H-onTYWu-QUX7k-eL63m6-dMPFxr

A debt collection company plans to more than double its operations at a north Louisiana contact center, creating 146 new jobs.

Coast Professional will make a $750,000 capital investment in its West Monroe center. The average compensation for the new jobs will be $36,500 annually, plus benefits.

The company already employs 125 workers, according to a release from Governor John Bel Edwards.

The expansion involves converting a former Sears Hometown store and renovating the interior space and parking area.

Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Office/OPSO.net / http://www.opso.net/scat-social-media-undercover-operation-leads-to-four-arrests/

Four suspects have been arrested in the case of a stolen ATV. The investigation took place on Friday, June 21, 2019 and was conducted using social media.

Using Facebook Messenger, SCAT deputies responded to an ad by Christopher Winnfield listing an ATV for sale. Deputies concluded the ATV was the same ATV reported as stolen in March 2019.

A purchase price was determined and Winnfield agreed to meet in the parking lot of a local school to finalize the sale.

All four suspects were arrested at the scene, and three were found to be carrying firearms.

Macwagen/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/macwagen/2819682/in/photolist-fscd-5H97Jo-5H4QBT-6expXC-5H4RXi-5cDvPU-zhDxgd-HqDKj-RqVeuv-2fcg8Mc-5A72gK-T44P

 Police in northern Louisiana say a man has been arrested for shooting and killing a postal worker.

Shreveport police said Saturday that 32-year-old Michael Gentry is being held in the city jail on one count of second degree murder.

Bond was set at $250,000.

Authorities say they believe Gentry shot 52-year-old Antonio Williams as he was bringing mail to the home.

Investigators say there does not appear to have been a dispute between the two men prior to the shooting.

Mike Lawrence/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/157270154@N05/27175444957/in/photolist-Hppg1r-roZ8Vp-54xLzT-aCUpsa-eXmmxm-eXmnDY-eXmk43-edgVf9-e12x6r-eXmpMS-dyrDSc-e18ANw-eXms4b-48fbUd-eXnhiA-dwHMww-PYZTey-r5CtdQ-dZU3uB-eXmrgY-eX9XCZ-e1mJPd-dyrDPK-6e422f-dwCi7c-dELL6Q-dZTY

The former lead fundraiser of a Louisiana hospital foundation has pleaded guilty to stealing more than $550,000 for his personal use.

News outlets report 49-year-old John Paul Funes entered guilty pleas Thursday on charges of wire fraud and money laundering.

Prosecutors say the fired president and CEO of Our Lady of the Lakes Foundation falsified records in order to use the charity's money for gift cards and to send family and friends to LSU and New Orleans Saints football games.

Macwagen/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/macwagen/2819682/in/photolist-fscd-4kV4fM-9ML81M-fFS3Ph-25oSZf8-mQE5YB-fFzpAB-aqesWE-7eVUmZ-74EAp4-rNEdMh-nnwZWT-mQDU8v-bPBgcv-fFzxpP-fFS9Lo-55wDqo-6b1SMg-bWQywD-fFS6yG-3QvxA1-fFzwen-4aVj4q-8EcC1Z-bPBgcr-dD5wYp-5uLbK5-682eeo-

A teen has been killed, while a Grambling State University football player and third unnamed person have been injured in a shooting at a suburban New Orleans playground.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office Capt. Jason Rivarde tells the News Star of Monroe that deputies found 19-year-old Keyon Clark dead Wednesday night when they arrived at Frank Lemon Playground in Metairie.

Ian Britton/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/freefoto/2194435613/in/photolist-4kV4fM-25oSZf8-mQE5YB-4NHrGM-kyWYPV-RXsF5c-fFS5EQ-fFzqU2-tZ6h2-4QxvQQ-fFS1tJ-9ML81M-fFS3Ph-fFzpAB-7eVUmZ-74EAp4

 Four people, including a 16-year-old, have been indicted on charges arising from the killing of a New Orleans teenage girl and the wounding of four others in March.

District Attorney Leon Cannizzaro's office announced the charges Thursday.

Seventeen-year-old Tyneisha Muse was fatally shot in New Orleans' St. Claude neighborhood March 29. Charged with conspiracy to commit second-degree murder in her death are 20-year-old Joshua Augillard, 18-year-old Reginald Blanton and 19-year-old Corey Harris.

Fr. Gaurav Shroff/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/gashwin/294760639/in/photolist-B7xRmH-aDLKcs-ds8yxA-2bJhkgG-c5rzH5-4UrFx1-2a6QZPu-472AXR-PnqvtB-7B5Cdd-nLVvzb-p5Bt95-aDxexa-s3J4Z-476HC5-cmATUq-472Cw2-7Cc1WY-7C8uhn-7B5C23-4hvEBj-Ao8g8X-s3HLu-s3HQ2-DDmbg-dsBQy7-aEMaA-q2ogM4-8

The American Legion will be celebrating its 100th year anniversary.

There will be free food and veterans will attend and interact with the public and recount stories of their time in the service.

The event will be located at the American Legion Hall on 401 Forsythe Avenue in Monroe, LA from 10:00am-5:00pm on July 4, 2019.

Death Penalty Sought In Hammer Attack That Killed Four

Jun 21, 2019
Branden Anderson / Flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/nullvalue/4188517246/in/photolist-7o8ffA-6vbVW7-8N4jYM-8N7pZC-Lv5yFT-8WbuYf-fscd-5H97Jo-5H4QBT-6expXC-5H4RXi-5cDvPU-zhDxgd-HqDKj-RqVeuv-2fcg8Mc-5A72gK-9mjHn6-T44PQA-6FoP7r-kEJBXG-9Bv4ea-aRt3J6-HmDo5T-7TFYST-RqVeyD-5H98Mf-2f7A

A Louisiana prosecutor said Thursday that he will seek the death penalty against a man accused of using a hammer to bludgeon to death a woman and three children in a New Orleans suburb.

A grand jury has indicted Terrance Leonard on four counts of first-degree murder and one count of attempted first-degree murder, Jefferson Parish District Attorney Paul Connick Jr. said in a news release.

"After consulting with my staff and receiving input from the victims' families, I have decided that my office will seek the death penalty," Connick said.

Mike Mozart/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeepersmedia/14853666437/in/photolist-oCyVxc-vVoun-nuVUU6-amn1TL-6BQcrt-G27y5B-o9dfG1-4Fud6T-ndEU26-2sm3Dv-nuXCmd-Sf4Xia-ofjNg8-bu7gdR-7ktcH9-5furyj-ehXZD4-bzfmP-e7N4tX-aBCYsG-24Brsh6-25FSRai-cYPbUL-JrMELK-osYUSM-6wh1YY-osYqf

A Louisiana resident is challenging the state Bond Commission's decision to exclude two large banks from underwriting state contracts because of the banks' corporate policies regarding firearms businesses.

The Advocate reports that the lawsuit was filed Wednesday in state court in Baton Rouge. The lawsuit argues that the move last spring exceeded the Bond Commission's authority, broke state rules and cost taxpayers by limiting competition for the work.

nsub1/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/nsub1/2377834784/in/photolist-4C82rs-4C83aL-UVodWC-p6MM5Q-7Ty6DS-4EHn4n-7TuQrB-7Ty6sG-6Z6kYd-9fJwrh-6Z2ifk-6Z6jmA-6Z2k7c-7Ty6zY-6Z2jPR-7Ty6cE-cmp9xY-6ZHSTH-6Z6myf-7Ty6fG-cmp9oy-bygrXv-81wWYB-4QwgHH-6Z6nFm-6ZPNoj-6ZPLr5-6ZPNHd

Donald "Doc" Hines, a physician who led the Louisiana Senate as president from 2004 to 2008, died Tuesday after a long illness. He was 85.

Hines' death was confirmed Wednesday by the state Senate and Gov. John Bel Edwards' office. Details were not released.

A Democrat from Bunkie, Hines served in the Senate from 1993 through 2008. He was inducted into the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame in Winnfield in 2006. There, he was described as "a country doctor of the old school" who championed the needs of the working class and the poor.