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Twenty-nine women will be competing for the Miss Louisiana 2019 Crown. Seven of them are ULM Students.

The contest will begin at 7:30pm Thursday June 20, Friday June 21, and Saturday June 22 at 8:00pm at the Jack Howard Theatre at the Monroe Civic Center in Monroe.

The event will be televised on KNOE-TV 8 from 8-10pm.

The seven ULM students are:

•Miss ULM Monica Whitman – Whitman is a P1 pharmacy student. The Tioga native’s talent will be a lyrical dance. Her social impact is Making Healthy a Habit. 

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Auto insurance rates are decreasing for one Louisiana insurance company. According to Insurance Commissioner Jim Donelan, Louisiana Farm Bureau is requesting a -4.4% rate decrease on its automobile policies.

Rate decreases will result in lowered premiums for 1.5 million automobile policy holders. Expect reduced rates by August 1, 2019.

J. Stephen Conn/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/jstephenconn/7933887012/in/photolist-d66fco-62oJMR-oAKTu-cxg4jW-pYNpWX-62oJG8-6cEFCP-WKkhG9-bnMU1d-DUk7Y-Jtk8A-9YTEtq-BBJ5yw-6cJP1j-yvKqD-drq8S-FpbRa-3bHy94-a5KyU5-5s98Np-2MrSkM-6cEFJP-2bio6Dj-4tRssa-F6qYKk-e8NMZW-24Q6brP-6cJ

The Louisiana Offshore Oil Port is becoming a major world source of exported crude oil.

The New Orleans Advocate reports the port, or LOOP, has more than doubled the number of oil tankers loaded for crude export in the first six months of the year.

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A Louisiana woman has been sentenced to 23 years in prison for stabbing a woman to death with a pocketknife during a fight over a man.

The Houma Courier reports Miranda Gilley was sentenced Friday for manslaughter in the 2017 death of 24-year-old Jessica McGehee. Gilley was initially charged with second-degree murder and faced up to 40 years in prison. She was convicted last month of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

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 A Louisiana city may be filled with food trucks, but only some are licensed to serve.

News outlets say just seven of at least 30 food trucks are legally allowed to operate in Shreveport.

The low number of licenses surprised city council members and Mayor Adrian Perkins during a work session Monday.

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 A California veterinarian has pleaded guilty for his part in what federal prosecutors say was a plan to illegally export exotic birds from New Orleans to Taiwan.

Federal court documents show that Alex Madriaga of Buena Park pleaded guilty Wednesday to a single count. He was one of four indicted last year and the second to plead guilty. Prosecutors said the plan involved shipping birds protected under an international treaty governing trade in endangered species.

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Authorities in Louisiana have been searching for a man accused of killing a former city mayor.

News outlets report 39-year-old Oshay Booker was being sought on a charge of first-degree murder in the Tuesday death of his stepfather, former Winnfield Mayor Ronald Goff.

Winn Parish Sheriff Cranford Jordan said Wednesday that Booker is believed to be armed, dangerous and headed out of the state. The status of the case was unclear as of Friday morning.

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The U.S. Justice Department says hate crime charges have been filed against a Louisiana man in connection with three fires that destroyed African American churches earlier this year. A news release from the department says 21-year-old Holden Matthews faces three counts of "intentional damage to religious property," which are hate crime charges. Matthews has pleaded not guilty to related state charges. His attorney declined comment on the federal charges.

National Garbage Man Day will be celebrated On Wednesday, June 19th 2019 at 11:00am with the Samoan Civic and Social Club and the City of Monroe Public Works Department.

The day is a national day of celebration for the recognition of sanitation workers and was created several years ago by John Arwood.

The event will be held at the Monroe Convention Center in the Fort Miro Room. Due to parking lot construction, parking will be on the backside of the building

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 A Louisiana man faces sentencing Thursday in federal court for his role in the abuse of an autistic relative who was held captive in a cage and physically abused.

Jody Lambert of Amite pleaded guilty in October to a federal civil rights charge. He's the latest to be sentenced in the case which is playing out in federal court in New Orleans and state court in Tangipahoa Parish.

Prosecutors say in court documents Lambert has cooperated and that they have agreed to seek less than the maximum 10-year prison sentence.