Metairie Man Linked To Four Random Shooting Deaths

Jun 20, 2019
Branden Anderson / Flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/nullvalue/4188517246/in/photolist-7o8ffA-6vbVW7-Lv5yFT-5H97Jo-5H4QBT-6expXC-5H4RXi-RqVeuv-2fcg8Mc-T44PQA-8N4jYM-8N7pZC-8WbuYf-fscd-5cDvPU-zhDxgd-HqDKj-5A72gK-HmDo5T-9mjHn6-6FoP7r-7TFYST-kEJBXG-aRt3J6-agV3CG-RqVeyD-9qUgQS-5H98

 A 22-year-old man has been arrested in connection with three apparently random shooting deaths in a New Orleans suburb, and ballistics evidence connects him to a fourth death inside the city limits, a Louisiana sheriff said Wednesday.

Earl McGehee/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/ejmc/4107620881/in/photolist-7fYCzF-5VSyur-jyoX8R-E13Bk-5VSxJv-4vc3nY-5VWHff-2ei3X8f-5VSroR-781qiM-5VSwXZ-5VSz6K-5VSoac-5VWKTh-ic3Siq-5VSvcD-DYt21-5VYszv-5VMMqS-5VSsU8-5VWQpy-5VSmiM-6ZNokJ-6ZNoCd-5VSw4v-jyon6n-5VYrEF-4jMvDV-K

 A Louisiana high school sophomore has died after a football practice held late to avoid summer heat.

Amite Police Chief Jerry Trabonna tells news outlets that 15-year-old Terrance Allen was laughing and joking with teammates when he collapsed in the locker room about 9 p.m. Tuesday.

He says officers and firefighters began CPR as soon as they arrived at Amite High Magnet School, but Allen died at a hospital about 9:40 p.m.

Tomas Del Coro/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/tomasdelcoro/7975424850/in/photolist-d9L8X1-VZAGT4-qvCeQM-81JzLb-81EsMc-81JAH3-gjDwDs-4Pdpz2-4PhFDf-fu5La-7H12pD-WiVbrC-83zxqq-4kzzHq-4PLwc2-5UjTum-JU8uvS-dziXzr-dzpsMf-VC1gNU-21yMXeG-bWDSdU-5Ufu7g-25XvM5R-dzPgX6-2KVMR6-22WYg

Authorities say a man accused of stealing in Louisiana led police on a chase into Mississippi under the mistaken impression that officers couldn't follow him there.

In a news release, Slidell police say officers were investigating a shoplifting call Tuesday when they approached 51-year-old Robert Myers, who was sitting in his vehicle.

Police say Myers started driving away when officers asked him to get out of the car. He's accused of dragging one officer a short distance and nearly running over another. Neither was hurt.

Sean Rowe/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/sjr-images/6956077730/in/photolist-bAFHyE-bPAGgR-nGSKgu-f8Ninf-ch1HMm-bPAMU2-7A9u1o-oHaHko-bAFCid-bPAj5r-hjiv5N-fLHpX3-841N2D-qfA7ng-SXhPkC-fkmzMg-bAG6Vs-7MpxpS-6G5AsJ-3KvNbg-eVrNzf-72pzaW-bPAs9K-M761Sd-rZSf4q-rHQjuF-rKGW3R-s

Weekend memorial services have been scheduled in New Orleans for singer and musician Malcom "Mac" Rebennack Jr., better known by his Voodoo-inspired stage name, Dr. John.

Rebennack, a member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, died June 6 at age 77. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival says memorial services are set for Saturday at the historic Orpheum Theater in downtown New Orleans. Public visitation starts at 7 a.m. and runs until 10:30 a.m.

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 The suspect in three Louisiana church arsons took photos and videos of the fires while they were burning and shared them with his friends, federal prosecutors said Monday.

Prosecutors presented the images during a detention hearing for Holden Matthews, 21, saying they had been recovered from Matthews' phone, news outlets reported.

Louisiana Governor Signs $30B Budget; Touts Teacher Raises

Jun 19, 2019
ULM/Office of Marketing and Communications / https://www.ulm.edu/news/2019/spring-commencement-2019.html

Saying "a great education cures a lot of ills," Gov. John Bel Edwards on Tuesday signed Louisiana's $30 billion operating budget at a Baton Rouge elementary school where he hailed the first statewide public school teacher raise in a decade.

The 2019-20 budget starting July 1 contains increases for public elementary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, early learning programs, health care services and public safety programs.

Mike Lawrence/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/157270154@N05/26707092409/in/photolist-GG1Q7v-fdTwJM-r68fSs-nAprP7-ssrP5h-rcioyN-qSjpTY-2a2qUtt-p9pa7T-4xu8LF-rfcQYY-9F5r9-6mP1JV-N4GyhF-eZBWoN-q1SXpV-rkSygK-pWsTUf-5Z8qjz-27gxzy9-51NBND-fvN4sS-p8nwfy-6Ygp9G-9dLBxt-rwRYjV-ehL

A former Louisiana prison warden and his ex-wife have been sentenced to prison for their roles in a corruption scheme.

OuachitaParishSheriff'sOffice/OPSO.net / http://www.opso.net/mcclain-investigation-leads-to-second-arrest/

On June 14 a second suspect was arrested in the Brandon McClain investigation.

Brian McClain, 47, of Farmerville was booked into the Ouachita Correctional Center on the charge of Accessory After the Fact due to his alleged involvement with Brandon McClain by helping him avoid police after he escaped Green Oaks Detention Center.

courtesy photo

Congressman Ralph Abraham grabbed 180 votes and Baton Rouge businessman Eddie Rispone grabbed 94 votes at Saturday’s Southwest Louisiana Republican’s “Iowa Governor’s race straw poll”.

UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says Abraham has to be feeling good about the results, and it appears the Congressman is solidifying his frontrunner status.

Cross says, "Having that 2 to 1 over prominent republicans lead is ensuring him that his message is reaching who he wants."

OuachitaParishSheriff'sOffice/OPSO.net / http://www.opso.net/brandon-mcclain-investigation-yields-two-additional-arrests/

Mackenzie Blaire Conner, 22 and Shelly Corrent, 45, both of West Monroe, have been arrested in relation to the Brandon McClain investigation.

Connor and Corrent were arrested on June 17th on the charge of Accessory After the Fact (Felony).

Blaire allegedly aided McClain after his escape from Green Oaks Detention Center which later led to a manhunt and his subsequent arrest.

Corrent allegedly aided another unidentified juvenile in his escape. He has since been caught and returned to Green Oaks. His identity has been withheld because of his juvenile status.