Coroner Rules Museum Founder's Death A Homicide

Jul 16, 2019
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The founder of Baton Rouge's African American history museum died of suffocation and her death was a homicide, a coroner ruled Monday, as residents of Louisiana's capital city struggled to come to terms with the slaying of the well-respected, 75-year-old community leader.

East Baton Rouge Coroner Beau Clark released preliminary autopsy results that show Sadie Roberts-Joseph was suffocated before her body was found in the trunk of a car Friday.

Weakened Barry Still Poses Flood, Tornado Risks

Jul 15, 2019
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Even though Tropical Depression Barry did not unleash catastrophic flooding in Louisiana, many across the Gulf Coast were urged to take heed of tornado and flash-flood warnings Monday as the storm moved north.

Barry was downgraded from a tropical storm on Sunday afternoon but continued to pose a threat. Much of Louisiana and Mississippi were under flash-flood watches, as were parts of Arkansas, eastern Texas, western Tennessee and southeastern Missouri.

New Orleans Fears Triple Threat Of Storm Surge, River, Rain

Jul 12, 2019
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When it comes to water, New Orleans faces three threats: the sea, the sky and the river.

Tropical storms and hurricanes send storm surges pushing up against the city's outer defenses. That's what happened in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina's surge caused widespread levee failures and left 80% of the city under water.

Tropical Storm Barry Threatens A Long, Slow Drenching

Jul 12, 2019
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Building toward hurricane strength, Tropical Storm Barry began hitting Louisiana with wind and rain Friday as it closed in for what forecasters said will be a long, slow — and epic — drenching that could trigger flooding in and around New Orleans.

With the storm expected to blow ashore by early Saturday, National Guard troops and rescue crews were stationed around the state with boats and high-water vehicles, helicopters were on standby, drinking water and blankets were made ready for distribution, and utility crews with bucket trucks moved into the region.

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An audit of a Louisiana town's finances found that it has drastically outspent its revenues for the past four years, with an average excess spending of $187,000.

An independent audit found the town of Newellton spent more than $205,000 beyond what it had in its general fund during the most recent fiscal year.

The audit by Huffman & Soignier says the deficit has been offset each year by transfers from the town's utility fund. However, the utility fund's spending also exceeded revenues last year, bringing the total net deficit to more than $200,000.

Tropical Storm Barry Forms In Gulf, Could Become Hurricane

Jul 11, 2019
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Tropical Storm Barry formed off the coast of Louisiana on Thursday and threatened to blow ashore as a hurricane with drenching rains that could test the flood-control improvements made in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina 14 years ago.

Forecasters said the first hurricane of the Atlantic season could hit the state's swampy southern tip on Friday, with the biggest danger posed not by the wind but by downpours that could go on for hours.

Tropical Weather Updates

Jul 11, 2019


Louisiana National Guard

  • Nearly 3,000 Louisiana National Guard soldiers remain deployed around the state and ready to assist in emergency response situations. 

Department of Transportation and Development

  • Motorist Assistance Patrol trucks will continue extended 24-hour operations on US 90 between Lafayette and Houma. 

Louisiana State Police

Y Denali/flickr.com / https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimmy241st/9540740999/in/photolist-5emRnK-5eJ2GY-EhCVXK-25kDY8u-fx5MUt-fxk4eA-oHiX9J-5dXrn2-oraGp-7DNuTi-HTtKV-pby5v-pby35-4wVhm4-p8bMQ/

Carnival Cruise Line says it rerouted a cruise ship headed to New Orleans because of the potential tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Miami-based company says the more than 3,700-passenger Carnival Valor was sent to Mobile, Alabama, in the interest of safety. A company statement notes that coastal Louisiana is under a hurricane watch and water levels are high on the Mississippi River.

Mobile Mayor Sandy Stimpson tweeted a welcome to Valor passengers and a photo of the ship docked in Mobile on Thursday.

Louisiana Braces For Slow-moving Possible Weekend Hurricane

Jul 11, 2019
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 A potential tropical storm brewing in the Gulf of Mexico presents twin troubles for coastal Louisiana and Mississippi — the possibility that the flooded Mississippi River will be lapping at the tops of levees this weekend, and a danger of flash floods like the one that unexpectedly walloped New Orleans on Wednesday.

West Monroe Native Serves Aboard Nation’s Newest Floating Airport

Jul 11, 2019
Photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Angel Jasuloski

NORFOLK, Va. – A West Monroe, Louisana, native and 2014 West Monroe High School graduate is serving in the U.S. Navy aboard the service’s newest aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.

Petty Officer 2nd Class James Turner is an aviation ordnanceman aboard the carrier homeported in Norfolk, Virginia. As a Navy aviation ordnanceman, Turner is responsible for handling all weapons aboard ship such as bombs and rockets for the aircraft. He builds, stores and loads them on the aircraft. 

Turner credits success in the Navy to many of the lessons learned growing up in West Monroe.