Ashish Dev

C. Crowe / KEDM

90.3 KEDM Public Radio won four awards Saturday night at the Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press Broadcasters and Media Editors News Excellence Awards.  The event was held at the Two Mississippi Museums in Jackson, Mississippi. The night featured the best of Radio, Television, Print and New Media. 

KEDM was the winner of  "Best Digital Presence." This new award judges stations websites, social media feeds and apps. Participants were judged on digital presentation and innovation showcasing local content. 

Ashish Dev / TEDxULM

TEDxULM is accepting applications for speakers online until 11:59 pm on November 18, 2018. The theme, “Coloring Outside the Lines,” primarily focuses on creativity without boundaries. TEDxULM comes to Monroe April 4, 2019.

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ULM International Week is March 26-29. International Week celebrates the culture of international students at ULM through the sharing of food and festivities.

While moving to a different country can be hard, the International Student Center helps ease the transition. "The international students really become a big family," says Kaile Finies, an international student from Bonaire, an island off the cost of Venezuela. "It's important to have this big group because otherwise, people feel alone."

The Wordsmiths: The Green We Both See

Nov 15, 2017
Jay Curtis / KEDM

Why do different people see different shades of green?

What if someone perceived the color red like you perceived green?

Questions like these are explored by Ashish Dev in "The Wordsmiths,"  featured essays by Honors English Students at the University of Louisiana Monroe.

I see green, and you see green. We both call it green. However, there is no way to know for sure that you perceive green the same way I perceive green.