Bill Increasing Age For Assault Rifle Purchase Dies On Senate Floor

Apr 11, 2018

A bill by New Orleans Senator Troy Carter to ban the sale of assault rifles to people under 21 was killed on the Senate floor. The 9 to 26 vote ends that anti-gun legislation for the rest of the session. Baton Rouge area Senator Bodie White says the bill is not strong enough to stop the bad guys.


White says, "I don't know that this bill fixes that. How do you fix that person that is delusional and thinks about killing people and killing children?"


White compared the domestic killers to terrorists.


White says that those responsible for mass shootings and running over people are "terrorists." White also says that if it isn't a terrorist motivation, "those people are insane."


But Carter says his bill would have helped, even just a little, put people’s mind at ease when they went out in public.


Carter says that people "can enjoy a concert without fear that someone might come in with a weapon of mass destruction and do a mass sweep across the theatre."