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Angelle Stresses Review of Tax Exemptions

Gubernatorial candidate Scott Angelle dismissed some criticism that Louisiana has too many universities. He believes the state must find a way to provide more funding to every one of them.  

Angelle, a Louisiana public service commissioner and one of three Republicans running for governor, addressed the Monroe Chamber of Commerce Thursday afternoon.  

Angelle says advocates could find more higher education funding by sifting through what he believes is a bloated roll of tax exemptions and credits. 

He explained that he would establish what he called "an Exemption Review Conference similar to that of the state’s Revenue Estimating Conference," to evaluate which of the state’s more than $7 billion in tax exemptions and credits should stay and which ones should go," he said.  

Angelle says he would ask the Legislature to give colleges and universities more leeway in setting tuition rates, insisting that some rates would be lowered along with those that went up.

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