Harper Innis

Production Assistant

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Harper Innis is a Vocal Music Education major at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. His ambitions are reinforced with a strong will as he always tries to spread joy to the ones around him.

Harper enjoys spending his time making music, whether that's playing his guitar or singing for public events. He plans to teach high school choir students after he graduates in 2024 and enjoys working in production here at 90.3 KEDM.

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ULM Hispanic Month

Oct 14, 2021

As most colleges do, the University of Louisiana at Monroe takes much pride in its international students and will be celebrating hispanic heritage throughout the entire week of October 11-15. Valley Franz and Kailey Fines, international students at ULM, share their excitement for the celebrations belonging to their heritage.

Enrique Saldivar / Flickr.com https://tinyurl.com/ucu6r7u

As parents, a constant concern is about how we can fend for our child even after we have passed on. Dr. Anita Sharma speaks with Aliscia Banks, a mother of an adult child with a severe disablity, to discuss the fear of her son's future and other parent's experiencing a similar situation. 

As a parent of an adult child with severe disablities, what are some thoughts or concerns you have as you get older? 

Northeast Delta HSA

Oct 13, 2021

Mental health has always been able to affected our potential to live our lives and can cause a negative result from doing so. DeRon Talley, the public information director at Northeast Delta HSA, shares insight into a new campaign to assist individuals that may be hesitant to receive the help they need. 

Why is this project important?

With the unexpected arrival of the pandemic, it was only a matter of time before a vaccine would be released to the public for a return to normal. However, so many are against the newly released vaccine, but for what reason? Dr. Anita Sharma speaks with Shirley Merrick, executive director of the Louisiana Governor's Office of Elderly Affairs, about the importance of increasing the rates of COVID-19 vaccination among older adults. 

Why do you think vaccination rates have decreased in the past few months, especially among senior citizens?

Northeast Louisiana Celtic Festival Facebook Page

The Kiroli Foundation is returning with its annual NELA Celtic Festival. This year's festival will be held Kiroli Park in West Monroe on Saturday, October 2 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event will feature live musical performances from various bands and artists such as Murder the Stout, Reel Treble, Emerald Accent, Beth Patterson, and Dead Reckoning. 


The Northeast Louisiana Arts Council are returning with the Brown Bag Concert Series once again. Every Wednesday at noon throughout the month of October 2021, a local concert will be held at Palace Park in Monroe. These concerts will feature the likes of Josh Love, Josh Madden, Legal & 'Lectric, and appearances from students within the Concert Choir from the University of Louisiana at Monroe.

Dr. Ignacio Torres, Assistant Professor of World Languages at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, has decided to host an international seminar on the Golden Age in Spain for students, faculty, and anyone who would be interested in attending. 

The seminar will take place Friday, October 1, and you can email Dr. Torres at torres@ulm.edu for more information and access to the zoom. 

ULM Investiture 2021

Sep 22, 2021
Jeanette Robinson / ULM Photo Services

With last year being his inauguration year as president, Dr. Ronald Berry will formally be conferred at the upcoming investiture being held at the University of Louisiana Monroe on October 1. An investiture is a traditional celebration that is held when someone is given a role of higher status. This year's investiture will be located at Fant-Ewing Coliseum on ULM's campus. 


Bayouval is a new music festival on the bayou at the University of Louisiana Monroe, combining the words "bayou" and "festival." The event on September 17 at Bayou Pointe Event Center raises funds for student scholarships in the School of Visual and Performing Arts (VAPA).

Dr. Derle Long, director of VAPA, expressed his enthusiasm for new the festival, "The name 'Bayouval' being the combination of a festival on the bayou is just absolutely brilliant."

Alzheimer's disease is increasingly becoming more common in the world today, especially the United States. Dr. Anita Sharma meets with Cindy Barnes, corporate support representative at 90.3 KEDM Public Radio, to discuss the role of caregivers to those diagnosed with this heartbreaking disease.

Important issues when providing care to someone with Alzheimer's: