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Department funds $40 million in Reimagine School grant program

The Louisiana Department of Education (Department) today announced the school systems that have been approved to receive funding from the $40 million allocated for the Reimagine School System program. In addition to financial resources, participating school systems receive technical assistance and targeted support to ensure the work is transformative and sustainable.

“When we launchedthe Reimagine School Systems program in 2021, we did so to encourage school systems to create new high-quality educational opportunities, to be innovative, to challenge themselves and their students,” said Dr. Cade Brumley, State Superintendent of Education. “We are extremely pleased with the quality of the applications we have received from school systems throughout the state, and I look forward to seeing how these programs expand possibilities for students.”

To date, 36 applications have been approved from 31 school systems. Allocations thus far total $10,800,000 for planning and $28,170,000 for implementation.

School systems participating in the program receive each of the following benefits.

One benefit is technical assistance. Each system is matched with high-quality providers with expertise in selected Reimagine School Actions.
Another benefit is financial resources. Each system receives two phases of funding–up to $350,000 in Phase I and up to $1.5 million or more per grant in Phase 2.

The last benefit is the capacity building where each system will develop new competencies to lead innovative school system work, building their overall skills to lead successful school systems.

Contact Deputy Assistant Superintendent Dr. Jennifer Tuttleton at with questions about the Reimagine School Systems program.