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Elimination of Tax Break in The GOP Tax Reform Bills Could be Disastrous for Athletes

Eric Wong
Basketball Hoop

Louisiana State University Athletics Director Joe Alleva says the elimination of tax break in the GOP tax reform bills could be disastrous for big-time collegiate athletics. LSU and many other schools require donations to purchase tickets to athletic events and Alleva is concerned those donations will go away, if fans can no longer claim 80-percent of the donation as a tax deduction.

Alleva says LSU receives about 50-million dollars from this revenue stream as reportedly 45-thousand football season tickets require a donation to the school’s Tradition Fund for the right to purchase those tickets.

A spokesperson for Congressman Steve Scalise, Lauren Fine, says this House tax proposal will put more money back in the pockets of people in Louisiana, who can choose to spend it how they want, whether it be on football tickets, or anything else. But Alleva is still concerned that fans will no longer make a donation if they know they can’t deduct it on their taxes.