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Seniors Being More Prone to Attract Covid-19

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As we get older, our body functions begin to weaken as well as our immune systems. Dr. Anita Sharma talks with Dr. Mark Sanders, associate dean of medical education at the VCOM Medical College, about protecting our older adults from the Covid-19 virus.


On why the older population is more effected

As we get older, our bodily functions begin to lack lasticity. So what happens is we begin to be exposed more to chronic illnesses. They have done research with aged rat models and in mice they found that the elderly have a strong early inflammatory response. Once that response happens, sometimes our body functions can't recover and can become catastrophic in the elderly.

On extra precautions to prevent further population spread

One thing that has been very helpful is that the government has typically relaxed restrictions on telemedicine. If you do have symptoms then you have concerns, which you need to reach out to your healthcare provider. 

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