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Thank You! Fundraising Drive Springs Again

Thanks to everyone who gave during the "return" of the Spring Fund Drive! We're so grateful to volunteers, food donors, and our hard-working staff for making this drive possible.

We finished the drive at $21,626!

If you haven't made a donation to support the programs on 90.3 KEDM, please do it now by calling 342-5575, or by clicking the "Donate" button in the top right of this page.

Our original post continues:

The rain was pouring. Really pouring. Like nothing our area has seen in over twenty-five years. Northeast Louisiana stopped to deal with over twenty inches of rain in less than a week.

KEDM was in the middle of our Spring Membership Campaign. When we started talking with emergency management officials, we learned that the rain was still coming; and that flooding was already happening in some areas, but it was inevitable in others. Our team turned to bringing you the information you needed to stay safe, to get where you needed to go, and to protect your home and family. We provided the latest on road closures, where to get sandbags, and where you could take shelter.

KEDM was there.

That essential coverage meant that we stopped the fundraiser. Of course, our small staff talked with volunteers to see if they were safe, and called restaurants who were ready to donate food, but most of our efforts were spent on making sure you were informed about the floods.

If your home was damaged during the flooding, our hearts and prayers are with you. This is a difficult time, and we understand you may not be able to give right now.

For those of you who stayed out of the water, please know that we need over $20,000 to stay on track for this year. To put that into perspective, if just 100 people gave $20 a month, we'd be there.

Outstanding coverage is why you donate to KEDM, and why your support is needed now. I'm asking you to make a donation to KEDM to keep the vital information coming to you  -- both in times of crisis, but the rest of the year, too.

April 19-23, we'll resume our fundraiser. Your support is needed to make sure KEDM is there for you the next time you need us.

If you haven't volunteered but would like to, please contact Sarah Harris to sign up.

Please know that you are the most vital part of what happens every day here at KEDM. We're working to bring you the best coverage and music that reflects northeast Louisiana. Without you, we wouldn't be here to give you the latest updates, share new music, or just to brighten your day.

Thank you for your support, and for your donation during this renewed Spring Membership Drive.

Jay Curtis
General Manager

Jay calls himself a "media producer" in a world of diversification. Jay earned a Bachelor of Arts in Radio/TV/Film Production from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and worked in video, feature film and television production for over 10 years before joining KEDM full time.
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