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Living within your means is an illusion, and when you are awakened from your dream, it will be too late.

Most of us have the idea that if we are living within our means, we’re OK, even if it means we can’t save anything right now. You’re not racking up debt, but you’re also not saving. Is that OK for a while?


If life was a straight line of experiences and expenses, each one following predictably after the other exactly as planned, you might be able to pull this “living barely within your means” thing off.

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Do you have a wish list?

If not, I suggest you get one and keep it up to date.

We are living in an age where thrift is valued little, where gratification is rarely delayed and where consumers are bombarded with messages of why we need everything now. For this reason, I am often telling folks to slow down, get their financial lives in order and then think before they spend. It’s about being intentional and balanced.

In days gone by, they called this “thrift.”

Habits of Thrift

Oct 3, 2018
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I have a lot of people ask me what everyone else is doing to save money?

One way to get the wrong answer every time is to ask the wrong question.


If the vast majority of America is struggling financially, why would you want to know how they do it? They sure aren’t doing it!

So don’t look around at everyone else you know to solve the riddle of “how can I save money?”

Here’s the short answer: by saving money.

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When it comes to spending, are you in control or out of control?

Well if you tilt towards the out of control camp, you’ve got a lot of company. But the good news is…you can change.

But it won’t be easy. And you likely can’t do it alone.

Some people look at themselves in the mirror and see someone who is out of control, impulsive and just plain messed up when it comes to spending habits.