Trauma Leaves Lasting Impact on Children

Nov 27, 2019
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Children who face trauma at a young age can experience physical and mental health issues in adulthood, according to a local professional. 

Tammy Washington, early childhood life skills coordinator of the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, said that adverse childhood experiences can impact a child's growth and future. 

An adverse childhood experience, or ACE, is a study that explains how trauma and adversity faced in childhood can increase the physical, mental and behavioral problems that can appear later in life, according to Washington.  

Books & Hounds

Apr 1, 2019
K. Ouchley

One of the joys and hazards of readingis that it can send one down previously unconsidered paths. My favorite childhood book was Wilson Rawls' Where the Red Fern Grows. Set in the Ozark Mountains, it is a coming of age tale about a boy and his two redbone 'coon hounds and their pursuit of one of the wiliest creatures in the forest. Rife with danger, adventure, sorrow, and joy all played out by a boy my age and his dogs- how much better could a book be? That it was also a fount of life's lessons was not apparent to me at the time. 

There are times when we can connect with someone, and then never see them again—a missed connection. We've been trying to help some of you connect with people you've been trying to find.

In the 1970s, two little girls met at an elementary school in Miami, Fla., and became close friends. One was black, and one was white.

Dr. Sharony Green is now an assistant professor of history at the University of Alabama, and she said her friend Beth helped her during a tough time.