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Cherry Pie Extravaganza Rabbit Show held at Ike Hamilton Expo Center

The Fluffy Butt Rabbit Club presents the Cherry Pie Extravaganza Rabbit Show. The show will be held at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center on February 18 to February 20.

The Cherry Pie Extravaganza is a live show of hundreds of rabbits and guinea pigs from across the country that will be shown and judged at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center. The event is free for the public to attend.

Mary Beth Bearden, FBRC Superintendent, said, “The Cherry Pie Extravaganza is an event attracting rabbit and cavy (Guinea Pig) fanciers from all over the country. We are welcoming youth and adults from as far as Iowa and Illinois to West Monroe! If you have never heard of a rabbit show and would like to see what it’s all about, please come by and see us as we come together from across the country and enjoy our hobby.”

While the focus of the Cherry Pie Extravaganza is the exhibition of rabbits, there will also be several fun activities for participants and spectators. On the agenda are activities that include a trade show, contests, an auction, themed learning areas, and educational workshops.

The 1st Cherry Pie Extravaganza will take place at the Ike Hamilton Expo Center at 501 Mane Street, West Monroe, Louisiana 71292. Click here for entry and category information. For more information contact Scott Bruscato at 318.387.5691 or