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Drug Culture Awareness in Teens Today

Jermaine Galloway


Drug culture has existed for generations, but is rapidly changing into something parents might not recognize. Jermaine Galloway, drug and alcohol trend expert, says parents might have a harder time connecting with their child because of these generational ideas, but it's not impossible. 

Generational Changes in Drug Culture

Galloway says parents face unique challenges with their teens in today's drug culture. Everything is stronger and more available. "Higher potency means higher addiction, no matter what drug you're talking about," Jermaine emphasizes the importance of the connection of drugs and addiction.

It's your job to keep your kids healthy, safe and aware.

How to Approach Drug Culture as a Parent

Studies show that the perception of harm has gone down dramatically in recent generations, making teens feel safer and more comfortable with drugs. Galloway wishes to combat this by 'holding the line' for your child. "It's your job to keep your kids health, safe and aware," Jermaine says. 

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