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Running To Inspire and Invigorate

Carlos Ibarra averaged 45 miles a day of running on his 72 day journey.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is hosting a screening of Run Carlos Run Thursday, February 9th, in collaboration with ULM Speech and Debate Forum's Traveling Scholar Series. The film, made by Carlos Ibarra, shows the journey of one man running across the United States.

Carlos Ibarra wanted to be reinvigorated and prove what immigrants and Latins could do in the United States, and his mode of communication came through athleticism and film making. Starting in Brooklyn, New York, Carlos ran 2,942 miles throughout the course of 72 days to his hometown of Huntington Beach, California.

Carlos wasn't running away from his problems though, he was solving some. While running across the nation, passing through differing geography and states such as  New Jersey, Indiana, and Colorado, Carlos was raising scholarship money for inner city kids to go to college. 

Lesli Pace, associate profession coordinator at ULM, shares that the Communications program is bringing in people like this through the Traveling Scholars Series to give students access to new people and ideas.

The screening will be Thursday night at 6 p.m. in Stubbs 100. If you have any questions call Lesli at (318) 342-1165.