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Doug Duffey and BADD Brings Fresh Funk to the Delta with "Funkify Ya-Self"

Doug Duffey and BADD Facebook
The band name is an acronym of the band members names: Benjamin Ford, Adam Ryland, Dan Sumner, and Doug Duffey.

"Doug Duffey and BADD" are hosting a release party for their latest album, "Funkify Ya-Self," Saturday, August 18, at 9 p.m. at Enoch's Irish Pub and Cafe. The 8-track CD features fresh funk tunes from the four-piece band.

"Doug Duffey and BADD" was formed from the rhythm section of Louisiana Soul Revival ft. Doug Duffey. The band name is an acronym of the band members' names: Ben Ford (bassist, vocalist), Adam Ryland (drummer), Dan Sumner (guitarist, vocalist, percussionist, engineer), and Doug Duffey (keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, producer). After a year of work, the band is ready to release their first album, "Funkify Ya-Self."

The story behind the making of the album almost sounds unintentional at first. According to Duffey, he had been "neurotically harassing" Sumner to record a jam session on an old drum machine from a house organ, also known as a "man-in-the-box." After that first session, Duffey and Sumner brought in Ford and Ryland to lay down more rhythm tracks over what they had already done. During the third session, Sumner recorded the full four-piece band playing live, as opposed to having a pre-planned structure. "There were not arrangements," he says.

"With BADD, we really got back to our roots--just the four of us playing together and jamming together," says Sumner. Bringing it back to the basics has seemed to pay off for the band, as their single "Funkify Ya-Self," released August 2, hit #21 on the Global Funk Charts within a week of release. The full album was released online August 11 here, where it is available for download. The official album release party is Saturday, August 18, at 9 p.m. at Enoch's Irish Pub and Cafe.

When asked to pick a favorite track, Duffey says, "Well, they are like our children. I'm not saying that to be evasive. It's just that we have different feelings about each track because they came about in different ways." He elaborates, "Four of the tracks are pretty much hardcore dance music, but they're also songs with a message."

You can listen to the single "Funkify Ya-Self" from the album "Funkify Ya-Self" here: