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It Shouldn't Be Revolutionary: An Exploration of Rest and Taking Care of Black Women

It Shouldn't Be Revolutionary: An Exploration of Rest and Taking Care of Black Women

K’Shana Hall is a mixed media artist and photographer originally from the south side of Chicago, but mostly
raised in North Louisiana. Her method of expression is predominately abstract and is heavily influenced by her culture and experiences as a black woman.

K’Shana is passionate about destigmatizing mental health care, and it often shows in the themes of her work. She is a ULM alumna and currently serves as the vice president of the Black Creatives Circle of Northeast Louisiana. BCCNL is a non-profit whose mission is to support black creatives and educate and encourage the visibility and success of black creatives in their respective fields.

K’Shana’s work is known for its unique texture and bold color choices and has been featured on fashion runways, in university exhibitions, in private galleries, and at various museums.

She continues to call to the forefront a need for care and restoration for Black women in a world that demands the continued extension of their physical and emotional labor. This body of work presents counter narratives rooted in ease, gentleness, and boundaries, affirming self-determination and autonomy over how Black women care for themselves and how others should
follow suit.

Her lapis-hued canvases feature repeated symbolism that is almost meditative in nature; they are a
nod to the practice of mindfulness and grounding oneself in the present.

The exhibition continues through August 6, 2023.

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