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Mysterious Burial of Blind Joe Reynolds

Lesli Rambin
Blind Joe Reynolds' Grave in Richwood Memorial Gardens, Monroe, LA.

Blind Joe Reynolds, also known as Joe Sheppard, was born in Tallulah and recorded 8 songs in the 1930s for Paramount and the RCA Victor, 2 of which are undiscovered.

Reynolds passed away in 1968 after being admitted to St. Francis hospital and dying of pneumonia. He was buried at Richwood Memorial Gardens but nothing is known of his actual funeral and was never given an actual headstone at the time of his death to mark his burial. No family of Reynolds could be found or contacted to get more information on him and his burial.

Reynolds only received a headstone after an anonymous couple, who were big fans of Reynolds and Delta Blues, came from across the world to visit his grave on their annual trip to the Monroe, Louisiana area. After seeing Reynolds had no headstone, they decided to get him a gravestone to honor and mark the blues legend.