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LA Gov Lifts Mask Mandate But K-12 Schools Are Conditional

Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News
Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News
Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

LA GOV LIFTS MASKS MANDATE-  Louisiana is emerging from its latest and worst coronavirus spike of the pandemic and seeing a sharp decline in new COVID-19 infections.  Yesterday  Governor John Bel Edwards announced during a press conference that he is lifting the mask requirement  for grocery stores, restaurants, bars, retailers, colleges and other sites. But some of Louisiana’s K-12 schools will have to keep masking if they don't follow tight quarantine rules.   

"It will remain in place for K-12 schools, except that school districts and non-public schools can opt out of the mask mandate but only by following CDC guidance as outlined by the department of health with respect to quarantine and isolation," Edwards explained. 

That  CDC quarantine guidance includes separating  exposed students and faculty members from others to avoid outbreaks on campus.  According to the Louisiana Department of Health – so far this  year  there  have  been more  than 22,000 confirmed covid cases among Louisiana’s  K-12 students and over 3600 faculty and staff have been infected.

Credit Courtesy: LDH
Courtesy: LDH

Even though Local school systems may opt-out from mask-wearing,  faculty and students can still wear masks if they choose to do so.   Masks will still be required on public transportation and in medical facilities.  Private Businesses may still require mask wearing if they choose to do so.

The lift of the mask  mandate  comes as  Covid19 boosters are  just  now  available and Louisiana ranks 34th among states with people fully vaccinated.   Edwards  urged people who have health risks to exercise  caution  as  many people  still  have  yet  to  receive a vaccine.

"If you're one of these people that need to be masked indoors please make sure that you're  masked," Edwards said.  "Everyone hasn't has time from right now to be fully-vaccinated before Christmas."  Even though he’s lifting the mask mandate,  Edwards  maintained  that  the  Pandemic isn’t  over  as he and Health officials  have expressed concern  as cooler  temperatures approach along with  the upcoming holiday season which  means more people  gathering indoors.   Health officials  urge people  to practice  good hand hygiene, wearing masks in close quarters,  social distancing,  and getting vaccinated.  Louisiana’s lifting of the mask mandate take effect today.                                     

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards lifts the statewide mask mandate but says K-12 schools can only opt out if they follow CDC recommended guidelines concerning quarantine of exposed students and faculty.


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