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LDH Chief Warns LA Covid Peak May Be Weeks Away

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

COVID SURGE CROWDS HOSPITALS — Dr. Joseph Kanter who heads the Louisiana Department of Health  says the peak of the state's latest coronavirus surge may be weeks away  which  could  be  a “catastrophic scenario”  for hospitals already overrun with COVID-19 patients.   During a conference  call updating  the  Louisiana Board of Regents,  he shared a story about hospitals having to turn away people with other life-threatening emergencies.

"I'm an ER doctor in off-times, I worked this past weekend in New Orleans and we accepted a transfer of an acute heart-attack patient and this patient had to bypass six hospitals to get to us with an acute massive heart attack," Kanter explained. 

Dr. Joseph Kanter, Medical Director / Louisiana Department of Health
Credit Courtesy: File Photo
Dr. Joseph Kanter, Medical Director / Louisiana Department of Health

Officials around the state have been raising similar alarms,  urging people to get vaccinated and wear masks in public places.  More than 6,000 new  statewide  Covid infections  were reported Tuesday, with 93 more related deaths. Hospitalizations  set another daily record at 2,859.

Louisiana's Covid peak could be weeks away which could be a problem for hospitals already overwhelmed with Covid patients.

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