A Lafayette man was sentenced to 30 months in prison for making threats through interstate communications to the Lafayette office of U.S. Representative Clay Higgins.

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Two arrests have been made in connection with school threats in Madison Parish. Two 17 year olds were arrested Wednesday by the Madison Parish Sheriff's Department.


Ronald Jones,17 was arrested for terrorizing and disrupting the operation of Madison Parish High School. He allegedly made a threat to shoot up the school. His bond is set at $125,000.


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Over the last few days, there have been numerous juveniles and in some cases young adults arrested in Louisiana for making false and some real threats to commit school violence.  Even though some of the teens have been charged with causing terror, legal analyst Tim Meche says most of these threat cases, the punishment is not that severe.


According to Meche, juvenile offenders may only require counseling. 


Meche says a juvenile may face more legal issues, depending on if a threat was followed through.