Lawmakers will put the finishing touches on Louisiana's more than $30 billion budget for next year in the final hours of their legislative session. The 60-day session must end by 6 p.m. Thursday. 

The House and Senate were working through disagreements over small sums. But plans to boost spending on colleges, health services, foster care, senior centers and public safety programs were expected to remain intact.

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The Louisiana Department of Education and the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) today released the

Last September, school speech therapist Kathy Hoffman was settling into the new academic year, working with youngsters in her small classroom behind a playground at Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School in a blue-collar neighborhood outside Phoenix.

This year, the political novice is gone from her classroom and on the campaign trail across Arizona full-time as the Democrats' choice in the race to become superintendent of public education, overseeing the state's schools. It's a post typically held by career politicians or political insiders.

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A teachers strike in Kentucky that led to increased funding for schools and higher pay is inspiring educator walkouts and work stoppages across the south. Louisiana Federation of Teachers is now polling its members to see what actions they would favor to address quality of life for teachers and students. LFT spokesperson Les Landon says it’s not just about winning a bigger paycheck.


Landon says, "Around the country, teachers are worried about their salaries not keeping up, but also that schools aren't being supported in the way they need to be."


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Shreveport Senator John Milkovich’s legislation that would give teachers more freedom to decide how to handle bullies in public schools passed through the Senate Education Committee. The bill gives teachers a wide leniency to “take all steps deemed necessary” to stop bullying, including involving the police, and personally restraining offending students. Milkovich says it would cut down on the red tape involved in stopping bullies.