Tammy Washington

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Mental health is an important aspect of an adult’s overall well-being, but what about with children? Tammy Washington, healthy living coordinator at The Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, says that mindfulness helps children learn to self-regulate better. 

On what mindfulness is

Mindfulness is a tool that assists children with self-regulation. Mindfulness will provide strategies for training their attention and helping them to focus on the present moment purposefully.

Wear Orange, Stand up to Bullies

Oct 18, 2016

One in four teens have experiences bullying in middle or high school, and over 160,000 students do not want to go to school because of their fear of bullies.

October is bullying awareness month, and the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana is raising awareness throughout the community by proclaiming "Bully Proof Day" on October 19. 

The Children's Coalition charges the community to wear orange to show support for victims of bullying. Local schools are showing their support by hosting a balloon release with encouraging messages tied to them.

Unity Day Makes Stand Against Bullying

Oct 15, 2015
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Community and business leaders join area students in participating in Unity Day on Wednesday, October 21.

The event raises awareness of the issue of bullying.  Children's Coalition Early Childhood Life Skills Coordinator Tammy Washington says society still has difficultly in giving proper attention to acts of bullying.  "Many times it gets overlooked.  People need to know that bullying is a very harmful form of social interaction," she said.