President's Academy

Emerald McIntyre / ULM Photo Services

The University of Louisiana Monroe is hosting its annual program for academically advanced students. The President's Academy is a job training program where students select an academic track and spend a week shadowing professionals and working in groups to solve hypothetical problems.

Dr. Nick Bruno founded the President's Academy in 2012 to help give students an idea of what jobs their major encompasses and what it is actually like to work in those jobs. Dr. Joshua Stockley is an assistant professor of Political Science at ULM and organizes the President's Academy every year.

T. Smith

One of ULM's 2015 President's Academy students has decided to go into the medical field after spending a full day at St. Francis Hospital.

She gently pressed her eyes against the delicate lens of a microscope. After a little tuning and adjusting, she saw her destiny right before her very eyes.

Hannah Heyl didn't know what to expect as she stepped through the doors of St. Francis Hospital Tuesday.

She entered anxiously as she imagined what it would be like to work in a hospital.