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Bayou Jamb is Friday, August 24 and Saturday, August 25 at ULM Malone Stadium. The event includes football games, activities, and community involvement. 

Bayou Jamb began as a way to raise money and give back to the community. The event centers around football, but features food, activities for kids, and live music as well. Bayou Jamb is the biggest high school sports event in Louisiana.

The football game line-ups are as follows:Friday, August 24

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Police in Mangham have released more info about Saturday’s arrest of Corey Feldman and members of his entourage.

Feldman’s RV was pulled over on its way to Monroe after his band “The Angels” played Friday night in Baton Rouge.

Police say Feldman’s driver’s license was expired and the officer smelled marijuana. A search of the RV allegedly turned up marijuana.

Feldman was charged with driving with a suspended license, speeding and the possession of marijuana. Feldman later tweeted that it was not his, but because he owned the RV he was charged.

Police in Louisiana say actor and musician Corey Feldman has been charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license after his tour bus was pulled over for speeding over the weekend.

Mangham, Louisiana, police say they pulled over a recreational vehicle driven by Feldman on Saturday and took him to a police station after discovering his license was suspended. Police say an officer at the station smelled marijuana and the drug was found in the RV following a search.

Police say Feldman was released after paying a fine.