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KEDM Drawing: Best Books of NELA

Apr 10, 2019
Shawn Harquail /

[updated 4-15-19] 
Congratulations to winners Renada Davis of Monroe and Erin Cox of Rayville! They'll each take home a pack of some of northeast Louisiana's best books from KEDM!

Spring weather means a great opportunity to sit on the back deck or lay in the hammock and read a great new book! Make a gift to KEDM during the Spring Membership Drive, and you'll be entered to win a great collection of Louisiana-themed books from KEDM!

C. Crowe / KEDM

90.3 KEDM Public Radio won four awards Saturday night at the Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press Broadcasters and Media Editors News Excellence Awards.  The event was held at the Two Mississippi Museums in Jackson, Mississippi. The night featured the best of Radio, Television, Print and New Media. 

KEDM was the winner of  "Best Digital Presence." This new award judges stations websites, social media feeds and apps. Participants were judged on digital presentation and innovation showcasing local content. 

Books & Hounds

Apr 1, 2019
K. Ouchley

One of the joys and hazards of readingis that it can send one down previously unconsidered paths. My favorite childhood book was Wilson Rawls' Where the Red Fern Grows. Set in the Ozark Mountains, it is a coming of age tale about a boy and his two redbone 'coon hounds and their pursuit of one of the wiliest creatures in the forest. Rife with danger, adventure, sorrow, and joy all played out by a boy my age and his dogs- how much better could a book be? That it was also a fount of life's lessons was not apparent to me at the time. 


Feb 25, 2019
K. Ouchley

On the morning of December 20, 1987, I was working near the mainline Mississippi River levee in Tensas Parish. Waterfowl hunting season was ongoing, and I was prowling about in search of those who might violate federal laws that protect the long-term well-being of migratory ducks and geese. Before daylight, I walked a mile into a swampy, forested area that consisted of oak flats and meandering cypress sloughs. Palmetto blanketed the subtle ridges and drapes of Spanish moss hung motionless in the still, pre-dawn darkness.

Cory Crowe / KEDM

KEDM has been named as a finalist for multiple awards in the Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press Broadcasters and Media Editors contest.

KEDM News and Public Affairs Director Cory Crowe was named a finalist for 

"Best News Anchor" in Louisiana - Mississippi. The award recogonizes a composite of  "Live" work by a broadcast news anchor.

Local Wildlife Biologist Talks Alligators

Jan 22, 2018

Kelby Ouchley, wildlife biologist, author and radio host, will speak on American alligators Thursday, Feb. 1 at 4:30 p.m. in the Union Museum of History and Art in Farmerville. Ouchley wrote a book on the subject in 2013 titled, American Alligator: Ancient Predator in the Modern World. The talk is the first of several events in conjunction with the museum's exhibit of art by nine regional wildlife artists.


Misused Biology Terms

Jan 11, 2016
K. Ouchley

If there was such a thing as word police to enforce the correct use of biological terms, jails would be full of repeat offenders.  None of the violations rank as felonies, but misdemeanors are rampant.  Here are a few examples.


Deer in Field
Charlie Heck

Naturalist, author and radio host Kelby Ouchley will give the keynote address at the KEDM Annual Meeting and State of the Station luncheon on Thursday, August 13 at 12 noon at the University of Louisiana at Monroe Library Conference Center. Ouchley will speak on conservation issues in northeast Louisiana.

The event celebrates the past year's accomplishments of KEDM, provides an annual report on the station's activities, and looks forward to programming, technology, and new opportunities for the coming year.