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His brother was broke and in debt, having moved back in with their mother. After going through a divorce and a rebound girlfriend, he was left with credit card debt, no car, no assets, and, of course, no job.

His good-hearted brother wanted very badly to help out but realized that throwing cash at his troubled brother would solve nothing.

Their father taught them to save and spend responsibly, but apparently one brother got it and the other brother didn’t.

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Debt is a powerful tool which can be used to magnify good things or exponentially multiply misery.

Generally speaking, using debt to buy items that will most likely decrease in value over time is a bad idea.

But debt used to finance the purchase of an asset that pays you an income (such as a rent house, a commercial building or even a business interest that pays a consistent dividend) is different.

Trauma Leaves Lasting Impact on Children

Nov 27, 2019
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Children who face trauma at a young age can experience physical and mental health issues in adulthood, according to a local professional. 

Tammy Washington, early childhood life skills coordinator of the Children’s Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, said that adverse childhood experiences can impact a child's growth and future. 

An adverse childhood experience, or ACE, is a study that explains how trauma and adversity faced in childhood can increase the physical, mental and behavioral problems that can appear later in life, according to Washington.  

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Melinda and I met with Bob in a coffee shop in Dallas.

He was a high-powered corporate consultant and an older friend of mine arranged for us to get a half day with him.

We were in our mid 30s with four kids, all under the age of seven. I was early in my career and Melinda was a stay at home mom, changing endless diapers and figuring out creative ways to answer the endless “whys” of a pack of toddlers.

Successful Succession

Apr 8, 2019
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One of the big rules in life and law is that you can’t take it with you. The dearly departed may go to their reward, but all that stuff they amassed while they were here – they leave that all behind. And someone has to own it.

That’s the big idea behind the legal concept known as “succession.”

Any time I address financial issues with a legal component I have to remind listeners that I am not a lawyer, nor do I render legal advice. So please discuss any legal matters with an attorney.

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I talk to a lot of parents who want to actually see their adult children enjoy the wealth they will one day pass on to them.


But these same parents don’t want to give themselves broke so that those same children will one day have to take care of them financially. And they also don’t want to create dependency of their adult children on financial gifts they might give them.

The secret to finding balance is having a plan.

Stressful Succession

Oct 17, 2018
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Nothing seems more American than the successful family business.

But if you’re a family business owner in the real world, you know it can be quite stressful.


Sometimes it seems as if you’re being forced to choose between your family and your business? A broken heart or a broken business? Some choice!

As a family business owner, you know you’re trying to wear two hats – soft hearted parent and hard-nosed business owner. These two sides of you may find themselves in sharp disagreement from time to time. It can be very stressful.

Intra-family Loans

Oct 10, 2018
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Banks and other financial institutions play a wonderful, indispensable role in our economy. They are the intermediaries that most efficiently bring together large numbers of savers looking for a safe place to store their money and borrowers, looking for money to spend they do not presently have.

Our economy couldn’t do without banks.

But that doesn’t mean you’ve got to use them every time for every transaction. There are a few occasions where getting rid of the middle man makes sense.


Krewe Of Confetti Kids: Mardi Gras Fun For Children, Too

Jan 29, 2018
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Mardi Gras is generally a family-friendly holiday and not just the often seen adults-only, drunken celebration.

Children can be seen lining the parade routes, families spend weeks making costumes together and there's even kid-centered parades.

Ariana Maria Ybarra, a married mother with two young girls, says her family has spent recent weeks preparing for Chewbacchus, the Star Wars-themed walking parade in the city's Marigny neighborhood slated for Feb. 3.

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So you want to start a family soon.

Both of you work now, but you’re considering the possibility of Mom being able to stay home once the family starts. Interestingly enough, the research is showing that more and more Millennials are making this choice - even more so than their parents did.

Even if this isn’t the choice all of your friends are making, let’s say this is what YOU really want to do. Can you do it?

Answer: Well one thing’s for sure – you can’t … and be like your friends.