Shell In Planning Stage For Louisiana Expansion

May 20, 2019

Shell Chemicals Vice President for Gulf Coast Manufacturing Rhoman Hardy announced the company will advance feasibility plans for a potential $1.2 billion manufacturing expansion at its Shell Geismar facility in Louisiana. At the 841-acre complex in Ascension Parish, Shell Chemical LP would build a world-scale monoethylene glycol plant, pending final engineering, design and investment decisions. A decision to proceed with the project could come from Royal Dutch Shell in 2020. 

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In spite of several initiatives over the past six years to prevent early births, defined as a birth that takes place more than three weeks before a due date, a recent report by the March of Dimes shows more work is needed in Louisiana.

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The Senate passed a bill 22-14 that would allow riverboat casinos to expand their operations on land. Louisiana is the only state that requires floating gambling halls to keep all gaming operations on water. Franklin Senator Bret Allain says he can’t support the legislation, because it is an expansion of gaming.


But Metairie Senator Danny Martiny says the bill allows the riverboats to invest more into their properties, which will bring more tax dollars to the state.


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A bill that would allow riverboat casinos to expand onto land is scheduled to be heard by the full Senate today, after being pulled from consideration last week. The bill would remove restrictions for Louisiana’s 15 floating gambling halls. Louisiana Casino Association Executive Director Wade Duty says more profitable casinos means more revenue for the state.


Duty says, "Having these boats on the water does not necessarily lend itself to a good revenue base for the state and also for predictable jobs."


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Governor John Bel Edwards and state Health Secretary Dr. Rebekah Gee unveiled a report on the economic impact of Medicaid expansion. Edwards says according to the LSU report, Louisiana is saving 317-million dollars in state money and providing medical care to those who can’t afford it.


Edwards says, "From a public health perspective, we're saving lives in Louisiana, and we're ensuring that our workforce is healthy and ready to fill the jobs that we're creating all through the state."


Louisiana Helicopter Firm To Expand Into Pacific

Nov 1, 2017
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Lafayette-based helicopter company PHI Inc. says it will acquire the offshore helicopter operations of Montreal-based HNZ Groups as it expands its international reach.

In a joint news release, the companies say HNZ president and CEO Don Wall plans to acquire all of the company's stock and PHI will acquire HNZ's offshore business in New Zealand, Australia, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea from Wall.