Eddie Rispone

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Facing his two Republican challengers for their first head-to-head debate, Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards fended off criticism Thursday that his tax policy and spending decisions are driving people from the state and hampering economic growth.

U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham tangled with Edwards most directly, with the men often talking over each other in disagreements as Abraham accused the Democratic incumbent of repeatedly turning to "taxes, taxes, taxes" from the state's already strapped citizens. At one point, Edwards told Abraham: "You are just 100% false."

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U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham, the leading Republican candidate for Louisiana governor, is pledging to keep his campaign ire focused on Democratic incumbent John Bel Edwards, after another GOP contender in the race unleashed an attack ad against Abraham.

Businessman Eddie Rispone's decision to launch a TV ad Tuesday slamming Abraham has drawn backlash from some Republicans who call it the wrong strategy to defeat Edwards. They worry about repeating the GOP infighting of the 2015 governor's race that helped Edwards become the Deep South's only Democratic governor.

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Louisiana gubernatorial candidate Eddie Rispone is launching a TV attack ad against his fellow GOP contender, U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham, ending Republican Party leaders' efforts to keep their two main candidates from a slugfest ahead of the Oct. 12 election.

Rispone's 30-second spot, which his campaign said will start airing Tuesday, pans Abraham for reneging on a promise to donate his congressional salary to charity and for missing congressional votes. It says he voted with Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hundreds of times.

Louisiana Governor Releases First TV Ad In Re-election Bid

Jul 8, 2019

The advertising blitz in the Louisiana governor's race began Monday, as Democratic incumbent John Bel Edwards released his first statewide TV ad, touting his financial stewardship of the state.

Gov. Edwards' campaign described a sizable "seven-figure ad buy" that will have the 30-second spot in heavy rotation on television and websites. The campaign told The Associated Press that it intends to stay on TV through Election Day with the launch of the ad, which also draws a contrast with the deficit-riddled years of Edwards' Republican predecessor.

A new poll on the governor’s race shows John Bel Edwards at 44%, but Republican challenger Ralph Abraham not far behind at 33%. Abraham’s campaign funded the survey.  UL Lafayette Political Science Professor Pearson Cross says the poll also shows Abraham with a 23-point lead over fellow Republican candidate Eddie Rispone, who is at 10%.

Cross says Rispone has a tough job in gaining familiarity among voters, saying he’s got deep pockets but has not spent much on his campaign yet.