Downtown Art Crawl

Art Crawl Ties the Twin Cities Together

Jun 1, 2016
City of Monroe

There are many things that separate the cities of Monroe and West Monroe, but a love of art is one thing that unites the two. On Thursday, June 2 from 5-9 p.m. the Downtown Arts Alliance celebrates this common chord with the Downtown Gallery Crawl.

Downtown Gallery Crawl Connects People with Art

Apr 7, 2016
Bill Ayres / The Downtown Arts Alliance

The Downtown Gallery Crawl connects the community with local artists and their work. The crawl returns Thursday, April 7. Eight galleries in Downtown Monroe and West Monroe open the doors to the public to enjoy works by many prominent artist. Food and live music from Code Blue and the Flatliners round out the evening.

"After what our community has been through we are just really excited just to get out and host an absolutely free event for both cities to enjoy," says Downtown Arts Alliance President Kelsea McCrary.

Downtown Gallery Crawl Celebrates Art and Artist

Feb 4, 2016
Ann Bloxom Smith / Downtown Gallery Crawl

The Downtown Gallery Crawl stitches together both downtown Monroe and West Monroe and offers the public a chance to interact with local art and artist. Held every even numbered month throughout the year, this month's event encompasses eight galleries and contains exhibits in all types of media.  

Ben Hickey, curator of collections and exhibitions at the Masur Museum of Art, stresses the importance of art in today's society, "Art really helps to connect the dots. It helps to understand your world."

Hannah Spence

Student artists from Louisiana Tech University showcase their work at the upcoming Downtown Gallery Crawl, Friday, February 4th.

The exhibition, entitled We Can Do What We Want, features works from Louisiana Tech's senior art students.

"What gives us common ground is that we're all still trying to discover who we are as artists. This show is a showcase of where we all are in this process," says Studio Arts student Lauren Eubanks.

New Gallery Opens In Downtown Crawl

Sep 29, 2015
courtesy / Downtown Arts Alliance

The Downtown Arts Alliance welcomes a new gallery as part of Thursday's crawl.

RUMO gallery opens its doors on Antique Alley in West Monroe.  The debut exhibition features the work of Joshua Mitchell, whose woodwork is known across northeast Louisiana.  

"Very impressive work.  He makes furniture and all types of wooden objects.  Many people will enjoy his show," says Downtown Arts Alliance Communication Consultant Ann Bloxom Smith.


Seven galleries open their doors for the August Downtown Art Crawl Thursday.

"We are bringing the Garrett House to life again. We are opening its doors for the first gallery show," says Garrett House Curator Brooke Foy.  

Foy wants to make a powerful impact for the premiere show in The Garrett House.  The artwork showcased is from a New Orleans resident commemorating the 10-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.