cold weather

K. Ouchley

On a cold winter day, you just want to snug under a warm blanket and sleep. This is typical human behavior. But have you ever wondered what the alligators do in this weather? Kelby Ouchley talks about the behavior of alligators in cold weather on this week’s bayou diversity.

People Seek Out Unusual Ways to Keep Warm

Jan 25, 2018
Ervins Strauhmanis /

A trailer fire takes the life of a man in Hammond; his name is yet to be released. The investigation revealed that the fire was started by the owner trying to heat up the trailer using an outdoor cooking burner. 

Fire Marshal Butch Browning explains that in the past month there has been an increase in the amount of fatal incidents with fire.

Browning says that although there are fire fatalities year round when the seasons change and the cold hits people tend to find unusual ways to keep warm.