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Adults and children who suffer from ADHD are often prescribed stimulants, but when it comes to your child, it may not always be the best choice. Dr. Scott Zentner, a psychologist at Family Solutions Counseling Center, talks about children taking stimulants and other possible options available for attention issues.


On stimulants being used on children with ADHD

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Children who suffer from anxiety can experience nervousness, fear and sadness. Dr. Katherine Wilson, marriage and family counselor at the Women’s Clinic of Monroe, says talking with your child about their feelings could be the best way to help them if they’re suffering from anxiety.


On information parents and youth need to know about anxiety

Everyone is susceptible to feeling anxiety and some form of stress. It’s a normal healthy reaction that protects us in some way, but at some point it becomes problematic.

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With children having more free time in the summer, behaviors in young children can be challenging. 

Erica Breshears, an Early Head Start mentor teacher at the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana, recommends keeping some form of consistency in your child's routine.  This can be something as simple as nap time, bed time, or the time that they brush their teeth. 

Simplify the Schedule 

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Puberty is one of the most important stages a child will go through growing up, and it’s crucial for them to be properly informed about what they will experience. Rena Braswell, nurse practitioner at Monroe Pediatrics, explains how to have the talk on puberty with your child and when is the best time to have it.


On when is the best time to start having conversations on puberty

Louisiana and Mississippi are at the top of states when it comes to preterm births. / The Times-Picayune says a recent report from the March of Dimes gave Louisiana an 'F' rating and the second-highest preterm birth rate in the country. Mississippi was the only state that ranked lower.

The March of Dimes is a nonprofit organization that advocates for maternal and infant health. Births that happen before 37 weeks of gestation are considered preterm.