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Discussing the people, events, and issues of our region with area writers, artists, entertainers, and news makers. From arts events to political activity, find out what's happening in northeast Louisiana.
Kelby Ouchley, former manager of Black Bayou Lake and other area National Wildlife Refuges, provides expert insight into the flora and fauna of Louisiana. Each week, he brings awareness of conservation ethics and education about what makes our area special -- and worth preserving.
ULM Forum
Examining the intersection between the University of Louisiana at Monroe and the surrounding community, and how they benefit each other.
Wisdom on Wealth
Byron Moore offers practical, down-to-earth advice on handling money; and shows that even though money is important, paying attention to it can keep it from ruling your life.
Life Transitions
Old age is a life-stage that re-defines life priorities -- and it needs to be addressed in a functional way. Life Transitions examines the issues of aging; from social, to behavioral, environmental, financial, and health issues. Discussions focus on the positive as well as the stressful aspects of the aging process, with professionals, caregivers, and the elderly themselves, working to “demystify” the aging process and present old age in a positive way without minimizing the reality of aging.
Byway Blues
Byway Blues tells the stories of the untapped blues roots in northeast Louisiana. Host Lesli Rambin shares the lives and musical accomplishments of famous local artists and their families. The series spotlights buildings and venues that served as host to many famous musicians—all in an effort to preserve and potentially restore these historic cultural landmarks. In addition, the segment features artists currently performing in the region who trace their inspiration from blues artists they’ve admired for years.
Time to Talk
Parents and professionals need timely education on the laws, science, society, and culture that children are up against everyday. Time to Talk provides accurate and appropriate information from state and local experts about issues that affect children, for understanding and communication with and about them. Through this segment, you'll develop a sophisticated understanding of the issues faced by youth today and be encouraged to confidently discuss tough topics that face our children. Time to Talk is produced with the Children's Coalition for Northeast Louisiana and BayouLife Magazine.
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Stories and interviews from across the state.