Upcoming Vote for Louisiana Amendment Two

Sep 18, 2018

Ed Tarpley, former district attorney of Grant Parish, is working to tear down a Jim Crow-era law regarding unanimous juries. On November 6th, an amendment to the Louisiana constitution will be on the ballot to change this law. If passed, Louisiana would go from needing ten jurors approval to convict to all twelve.

Ed Tarpley visits KEDM Public Radio.
Credit Ed Tarpley

Tarpley notes the importance of unanimous juries by referencing its past and a quote from John Adams, "it is the unanimity of the jury that preserves the rights of humankind."

As for its past, the law has a questionable history. The purpose was to keep black jurors from dissenting on a jury of white men and having their opinion ignored. Only one other state, Oregon, has this law. You can find out more information at unanimousjurors.org, as well as listening to our segment. This will be on the ballot November 6th.