TEDxULM Searching for Speakers Who Color Outside the Lines

Nov 6, 2018

TEDxULM is accepting applications for speakers online until 11:59 pm on November 18, 2018. The theme, “Coloring Outside the Lines,” primarily focuses on creativity without boundaries. TEDxULM comes to Monroe April 4, 2019.

TEDxULM encourages members of the northeast Louisiana community to give voice to their unspoken ideas through an intellectual and creative platform. "Coloring Outside the Lines" inspires community members to think beyond conventional boundaries using innovative thoughts and ideas. By expanding the mind, thinkers can then come up with unconventional solutions to problems in their community. 

"A single idea has the potential to change a community and bring about change on a global scale," says Asja Jordan, marketing manager for TEDxULM. This idea is the motivation behind TED, a non-profit organization devoted to finding ideas worth spreading. TED stands for Technology Entertainment and Design.

TED Talks are most often presented as short, powerful talks between 12-18 minutes long and can be found on YouTube and other media platforms. TEDx events are licensed local TED-like talks, organized to continue creating a global platform for spreading ideas.

"TEDxULM follows the same path of bringing this global platform of sharing ideas to ULM," says Ashish Dev, organizer of TEDxULM. "It's going to be a creative and intellectual platform which will encourage the trailblazers of Monroe and its surrounding areas to voice their unheard ideas."

To apply, speakers need to have a subject to speak on which relates to the theme "Coloring Outside the Lines." Speaker applications and more information are available online.