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Sep 25, 2018

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At a time when reliable news has never been more important, KEDM has remained a relevant, trustworthy source for you, and we want to stay that way.  We strive every day to continue to bring you the great music and informative programming that you deserve, and now we’re asking for your help.

This month we’re asking you to raise your hand and volunteer to do something you may have never done before -- become a sustaining member of the station you listen to every day.

The goal of the Raise Your Hand For KEDM Fall Membership Drive is to raise $35,000 dedicated to spreading the news and music you love across northeast Louisiana and southeast Arkansas.

Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Lagniappe, Vocal Vibes, and Wait Wait... Don’t Tell Me! are just a few of the programs that are funded by the generous donations of our members

Become a sustaining member for only $15 a month, and you will receive a limited edition KEDM T-shirt, so you can support your station wherever you go!

KEDM provides varied, comprehensive, and challenging content that our listeners value. Help us as we work to continue this tradition

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