Older Adults Benefit from Community-based and Skilled Nursing Care Services

Jul 3, 2018

As we get older, our needs change.  Sometimes, we may require help from others to meet these changing needs.  Fortunately, our community provides a whole range and continuum of services to address various needs of an aging population.

Amanda Boatright, administrator at Lagniappe Health Care Services, highlighted the various community-based services that seniors can seek, including "Meals on Wheels, Council on Aging, home health, hospice, skilled nursing services, outpatient therapy, transportation services for doctor appointments, sitting services, and mental health services, which include intensive outpatient programs and inpatient facilities."

Skilled nursing care is often needed when the patient is not able to take care of themselves due to acute health problems such as a stroke or a fall.  Boatright explained that often skilled nursing care involves various services such as, "occupational therapy, speech therapy, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, and social experience of interacting with others."

Skilled nursing care may be temporary and patients come back home to their prior level of functioning.  The primary purpose of all services is to allow the elderly individuals to retain their independence as much as possible.